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Consistent Nationwide Quality Assurance Services

Criterium Engineers has a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure that a consistent level of quality services are provided to our clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Serving clients with a consistently high level of professionalism is key to our North American  construction quality assurance program. This outline highlights some of the key aspects of our internal quality assurance measures and guidelines.

  • Independent - The Criterium Quality Assurance Program is an Engineering based “Independent third party Quality Assurance program”. All field activities are overseen by Professional Engineers.

  • Qualified - We hire only highly qualified/experienced field personnel with significant construction industry experience and key Industry Certifications (e.g. RRO, EIFS, ICC, PTI, LEED AP).

  • Education - All Engineering Field Technicians (EFT's) are required to go through an extensive, classroom Training and Mentoring Program upon their initial hire, and all employees are also required to take regular ‘refresher’ courses each year to ensure we maintain our high level of quality service. Training consists of both classroom and field training and continuous coaching and mentoring.

  • Professional Growth - We maintain a multi-step Coaching/Mentoring and Training process that spans an EFT’s relationship with Criterium Engineers:

    • Coaching: After system training is complete, a new EFT will ‘shadow’ our Senior EFT watching and observing the day to day tasks required. Each client is unique and client understanding is critical to a nationwide consistency of service. During this part of training, the new EFT will also take the lead and the Senior EFT will follow and observe the practices of the new EFT to ensure that they are doing the job and providing the expected level of service.

    • Mentoring: Once the EFT has successfully completed our Training Program, they are closely monitored and mentored by their supervisor in the field. Monthly “Peer Reviews” are completed on all employees to ensure consistent high quality service.

    • Continuous Training: These activities are integrated with regular internal training programs that all EFT’s must attend. Bi-weekly training conference call sessions are conducted by the Senior Engineering Field Technicians, under the direction of the Chief Engineer. These sessions focus on current practices and sharing of experiences around the country.

    • Certifications: We also encourage and expect that the EFT will continually expand their resume through additional Certifications, Training Courses, Educational Classes and regular reviews of new construction materials and practices.

We take these steps to ensure we have highly qualified people in the field that will provide a consistent, high-level of service for our clients no matter where their projects may be located.