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Lesson learned: Product Compatibility between trades is a significant problem that can lead to increased costs unless caught and resolved early.


Situation/problem: Criterium Engineers identified a problem with the exterior skin product compatibility between sealant and weather barrier components. A fluid applied building weather barrier for a rain screen veneer assembly was designed for this project that included a number of different products from different manufacturers. During an initial pre-assembly meeting product represent-atives agreed that products presented by the sub-contractors were not compatible with each other. Ramifications included: long term performance degradation of the weather barrier and potential adhesion issues leading to failures in the window flashing.

Resolution: A product review committee was convened at Criterium Engineers recommendation. The committee was comprised of Criterium Engineers field staff, contractor’s field construction staff, project architect, exterior skin subcontractors and product manufacturer representatives. The details were reviewed and revisions recommended for the architects consideration.  The actions allowed for separation of incompatible products and assisted in the recommendation of other compatible sealant products. 

Results: Specifications and submittals were updated to eliminate product conflicts. Specific products were identified that did not present compatibility problems for key locations. The design was able to be changed to accommodate product coordination and was done so that longer lead times did not have a negative impact on the project schedule. Compatible exterior products were used.