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Construction Quality Assurance

Providing value added services for construction projects

of all types - NATIONWIDE


The Criterium Quality Assurance and Risk Management program differs from most inspection programs in many ways. Below are some things to consider that separate us from other Quality Assurance organizations.

  1. We are part of your team:  objective, collaborative and focused on your individual needs
  1. We document and report on what was done right, with photos and clear commentary
  1. The Criterium program enhances your construction process:
3.1 Field inspections are interactive; with engineering field technicians working with project field personnel to discuss findings and resolve questions quickly
3.2 Inspection reports result in a searchable history of both correct (conforming) and incorrect (non-conforming) construction observed
3.3 Photo documentation is taken for conforming construction practices observed
3.4 Photo documentation is taken for non-conforming construction with documented resolution
  1. Criterium provides immediate feedback on your questions and assists with problem solving
  1. Our inspection standards are based on each project’s unique characteristics and complexities
  1. All inspection standards are available for review and discussion; a collaborative approach
  1. Criterium provides Technical Standards review and researches new products and techniques
  1. Our program is an Engineering based “Independent third party Quality Assurance program”
  1. A Senior Engineers leads every project and is actively involved
  1. Our reports are prepared, reviewed and released within three days
  1. A customized format, compatible with your existing systems, is used for our reports
  1. A Final Summary Report, including photos and commentary, is developed for your permanent records  


 Criterium Engineers has been working with Builders and General Contractors for many years providing a wide variety of Quality Assurance and Risk Management services on more than 200 projects of all buildings types across the country.  How can we assist you?