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Construction Engineering Services

For over 50 years, Criterium Engineers has been helping clients nationwide solve some of the most complex engineering challenges. The proven solutions we provide to our clients is what sets Criterium Engineers apart from the rest... Our diverse experience, people and history is the foundation of the Quality Assurance and Risk Management consulting engineering services we provide. You will quickly realize the value and benefits of working together with Criterium Engineers on your projects. We offer the proven ability to deliver reliable, realistic solutions to virtually any construction project involving Commercial, Health Services, Institutional, Residential and more.


"The lack of skill and workmanship are frequent causes for the problems we have seen. Material selection is the next most common cause. Finally, inadequate or superficial design and/or preparation is responsible for a significant portion of the quality compromises."
-Alan Mooney, P.E., President, Criterium Engineers



Criterium Engineers has been actively engaged in improving construction quality SINCE 1957.